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General Policies

UO                                                                                                COE                                                                                              
UO Policy Library 
UO Student Conduct Code - Office of the Dean of Students  
UO Grievance Procedures - UO Policy LibraryCOE Grievance Procedures
UO Student Records - Office of the Registrar 
UO 5 Year Academic Calendar, 2015-2020 - Office of the Registrar 
 COE Good Moral Character
 COE Student Insurance
 COE Background Check and ID Badge
 edTPA - Oct 4, 2016
 Tk20 - updated Oct 4, 2016


Retention Policies

UO                                                                                                 COE                                                                                              

Termination/Dismissal from a Program

UO Termination/Dismissal 

Inadequate/Satisfactory Progress and Good Standing

UO Graduate 
UO UndergraduateCOE Undergraduate

On Leave / Continuous and Part Time Enrollment

UO Doctoral StudentsCOE Leave of Absence
UO Master's Students 


Course Credit

UO                                                                                                 COE                                                                                              
UO Incomplete PolicyCOE Incomplete Policy
UO Petition to Remove Incomplete - Graduate 
UO Transfer and Reserving Graduate Credit 
 COE Course Waiver
UO Applying to Graduate School 
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