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Charge: The purpose of the consortium is to bring together the various constituencies of the College of Education to mutually discuss the design, evaluation, and recommendations for improving the professional education programs at the University of Oregon. The consortium plays an integral role in the accreditation and review process of the College of Education and its academic and licensure programs.
Membership:The Consortium is committed to a membership that reflects the diverse population of Lane County. The Consortium is composed of representatives from the University of Oregon, College of Education, and Lane County school districts and community stakeholder agencies. Membership spans two academic years with calls for nominations taking place in the spring meeting each year.

Julie Heffernan, Graduate Director of UOTeach, Department of Education Studies (

Administrative Support: TBA (      )

2018-19 Meeting dates:

TERM | DATE | Time | Location | Key Agenda Items

I. Fall Term | November 28 | 5:30-7:30 | COE Lokey Room 119 | Key Agenda Items: Program Overview & Recruitment

II. Winter Term  |   February 20   | 5:30-7:30  |   COE Lokey Room 119  | Key Agenda Items: Program Personnel & Orientation & Advising

III. Spring Term  |  April 10   |   5:30-7:30  |   COE Lokey Room 119  Key Agenda Items: Program Design and Leadership

Committee Notes:Consortium for the Improvement of Professional Education
Member:CIPE Roster 2018-2019

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