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Visitors will find herein a guide to all current policies, procedures, and administrative structure information for the UO College of Education (COE).  Follow one of the links below for specific information:


The administrative and academic policy library for COE, currently under construction.

Standing Committees

Includes a list of current committees and links to their guidelines, membership, and minutes.


Provides information on the organizational structure of COE.

Curriculum Resources

Provides resources for COE curriculum, EDUC, academic extension, as well as course and program approvals.

Research Resources

Provides information concerning COE research and outreach centers.

Personnel Support

Check here for materials related to faculty endowments, appointments, contracts and other personnel-related materials.

Academic Forms and Policies

This page will be used as a placeholder for frequented policies and forms while the governance policy section is under construction.

Student and Staff Diversity Resources

Provides resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Equity Resources

A gathering of links related to coursework, information, children's resources and personal reflection

College of Education Resumption Planning Materials

This page will house COE-specific materials related to returning students, faculty, and staff to the COE complex after state-mandated remote operation expectations were instituted in March, 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.