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It is essential for students to understand that they are responsible for providing their own insurance coverage while working in a practicum or field placement assigned by their program.  Specifically, the university does not provide students with insurance to cover accident or medical costs.  The university also does not offer liability coverage for students placed in non-university sites for practicum, field or student teacher placements.  Liability coverage is provided for students in on-campus field placement only if the student is "acting" as an agent of the Oregon Department of Higher Education."  Most students do not qualify as university agents and therefore are not protected by university liability coverage.

Students in field placements are strongly advised to purchase their own medical/accident and liability insurance.  Professional organizations generally offer students low-cost liability policies.  Questions concerning insurance coverage should be directed to the University of Oregon's Office of Business Affairs.

This electronic document supersedes all previous versions and is subject to change.

Last Updated: 9/25/02

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