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Charge: Committee of all COE Department Heads to develop and coordinate policies related to the governance of the COE academic program and collaborate with the Research and Outreach Council on matters of common concern.  This process shall include consultation/collaboration across Department Heads to include input/suggestions from departmental faculty.
Membership: This group consists of the members of the ELT plus the academic department heads and coordinators of finance and operations.

Facilitator/Chair:  Randy Kamphaus, Dean

Materials: Department Head Responsibilities
Meeting Agendas | Minutes
Randy KamphausCOEDean
Lillian DuranCOEAssociate Dean for Academic Affairs
Beth StormshakCPHSDepartment Head, Counseling Psychology and Human Services
Jenefer HusmanEDSTDepartment Head, Education Studies
Laura Lee McIntyreSPECSDepartment Head, Special Education and Clinical Sciences
Keith ZvochEMPLDepartment Head Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership