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Charge: To provide leadership on the research commitments and investments in the COE, including the development and coordination of research and outreach governance policies. The ROC will also serve to coordinate efforts among research and outreach units, and disseminate information to units on matters of common concern across the college.
Membership: Membership is determined by position held (i.e., unit heads or delegates, coordinators of finance and operations for all Research and Outreach Units affiliated with the COE, the Dean, Associate Dean for Research, Director of Finance & Operations, and Department Heads). Individuals are appointed by the Dean and serve at the discretion of the Dean.
Facilitator/Chair: Emily Tanner-Smith, Associate Dean for Research

Meeting Agendas 

Wednesday, 10/02/19, 1 - 2:30 pm in HEDCO 230T

Wednesday, 11/06/19, 1 - 2:30 pm in HEDCO 230T

Wednesday, 12/04/19, 1 - 2:30 pm in HEDCO 230T

Wednesday, 02/05/20, 1 - 1:30 pm in HEDCO 230T

Wednesday, 03/04/20,  1 - 2:30 pm in HEDCO 230T

Wednesday, 04/01/20, 1 - 2:30 pm in Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, 05/06/20,  1 - 2:30 pm in Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, 06/03/20, 1 - 2:30 pm in Zoom Meeting

Research and Outreach Units - List and Descriptions

Julie AlonzoBRT  Behavioral Research and TeachingAssociate Director
Phyllis BarkhurstCPANCenter for the Prevention of Abuse and NeglectCo-Director
Matt BellCISOregon Career Information SystemInterim Director 
Maggie BosworthCOEExecutive Assistant to the Dean, Dean's OfficeDean's Office Executive Assistant
Dianna Carrizales-EngelmannCOEDirector of AdministrationDirector
Ben ClarkeCTLCenter on Teaching and LearningAssociate Director
David ConleyCEPRCenter for Educational Policy ResearchDirector
Hank FienCTLCenter for Teaching and LearningDirector
Brigid FlanneryECSEducational and Community SupportsAssociate Director
Kim GiansanteEC CARESEarly Childhood CARESCo-Director
Joanna GoodeOESLOregon Education Science LaboratoryDirector
Jenefer HusmanEDSTEducation StudiesDH of EDST 
Diana JamisonCOEAcademic and Research Support, Dean's OfficeDean's Office Administrative Assistant
Randy KamphausCOEDean of the College of EducationDean
Chris KrabielCOEFinance and OperationsAssociate Dean
Kim LedbetterECSEducational and Community SupportsBusiness Manager
Leslie LevePSIPrevention Science InstituteAssociate Director
Heather McClureCEQPCenter for Equity PromotionAssociate Director
Laura McCoidCISOregon Career Information SystemDirector
Kent McIntoshECSEducational and Community SupportsDirector
Laura Lee McIntyreSPECSSpecial Education and Clinical SciencesDH of SPECS
Raina MegertBRTBehavioral Research and TeachingBusiness Manager
Chris MurrayDESTNY-UCEDDUniversity Center for Excellence in Developmental DisabilitiesDirector
Judith NewmanEC CARESEarly Childhood CARESDirector
Brady NittmannCOEFinance and OperationsDirector of Finance & Operations
Lawanda PotterED CARESEarly Childhood CARESCo-Director
Teo Reyes-RamirezCEQPCenter for Equity PromotionBusiness Manager
Jessica RobertsCOEDirector of CommunicationDirector
Rebecca RobyPSIPrevention Science InstituteBusiness Manager
Brian RoweintoCareersintoCareersInterim Director
Betsy RuthCEQPCenter for Equity PromotionBusiness Manager
John SeeleyDESTNY-CHDCenter on Human DevelopmentScientist
Jeffrey SpragueIVDBInstitute on Violence and Destructive BehaviorDirector
Jane SquiresDESTNY-EIPEarly Intervention ProgramDirector
Leslie StephensonCTLCenter on Teaching and LearningBusiness Manager
Beth StormshakPSIPrevention Science InstituteDirector and DH of CPHS
Emily Tanner-SmithCOEAssociate Dean for ResearchAssociate Dean
Gerald TindalBRTBehavioral Research and TeachingDirector and DH of EMPL
Jeffrey TodahlCPANCenter for the Prevention of Abuse and NeglectDirector
Annette TognazziniDESTNYDESTNY Unit: SSET, EIP, CHDBusiness Manager
Deanne UnruhDESTNY-SSETSecondary Special Education and TransitionDirector
Hill WalkerIVDBInstitute on Violence and Destructive BehaviorCo-Director
Jeanie WilliamsEC CARESEarly Childhood CARESBusiness Manager
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