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A descriptive list of all College of Education Research and Outreach Units:Research & Outreach List and Descriptions, 2016.pdf
Student internship opportunities in research:Student Research Opportunities_Spring 2017_Master.pdf
Briefing Document: Outline of procedures for sharing indirects returned to centers/units (across centers/units)Briefing Document._crosscenterprojects v5_5_30_2017_Approved.pdf
Budget development Guidelines: Guidance for developing grants that do not receive indirect returns.Pre-awardBudgetDevelopment_053017_FINALapproved.pdf
Briefing Document: Criteria for terminating an employment contract and/or extending a courtesy appointment for a funding-contingent NTTF faculty member without other external funding.Briefing Document_CriteriaNTTFResearchStatus_June132017_Approved.pdf

Briefing Document: Guidelines for COE research and outreach unit director stipends -- to ensure alignment with OVPRI director stipend practices.

Briefing Document_Director Stipend Aug 28 2017_Approved.pdf
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