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Charge: The Committee charge is to review student applications and rank applicants to indicate those most qualified to receive the various awards. The Development charge is to manage the scholarship program to ensure the top ranked scholarship applications are filtered for the specific criteria of each scholarship and to distribute funding to students, as well as to create relationships between the donors and the students.

Membership: The COE scholarship committee is comprised of two members from each department appointed by the Department Head. Terms last one year and are renewable.                             

Facilitator/Chair: Andrea Olson
Meeting Agendas | Minutes

NameDepartment or Affiliation
Elizabeth BuddCPHSCounseling Psychology and Human Services
Jean KjellstrandCPHSCounseling Psychology and Human Services 
Charlotte AlversonSPECSSpecial Education and Clinical Services 
Stephanie De AndaSPECSSpecial Education and Clinical Services
Karen McLaughlinSPECSSpecial Education and Clinical Services
Jerry RosiekEDSTEducation Studies
James MuruthiCPHSCounseling Psychology and Human Services 
David LiebowitzEMPLEducation Methodology, Policy and Leadership
vacantEMPLEducation Methodology, Policy and Leadership
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