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• Faculty member develops course change or program synopsis/ proposal, completing program and departmental review and approval processes
• Faculty member submits proposal to ADAA the Associate Dean for Academics for review, completing the following steps, completing the following steps:
          Enter change into Courseleaf, saving the document, but not moving into the Workflow process, completing all relevant fields and updating any empty ones.
          Fill out the Qualtrics proposal form below with all supporting documents such as syllabi at least a week prior to the COE Curriculum Committee meeting
• Associate Dean for Academics convenes the COE CC to review the materials. Programs may be asked for revisions.
• The COE CC approves the proposal.
• The Associate Dean for Academics sends a memo to the program approving the changes and discussing the next steps.
• The proposal is submitted to a faculty vote.
• If approved by the faculty vote, the program begins the Courseleaf Workflow process that gets approval from all levels of the COE. This is important to complete prior to the deadlines for UOCC submission.
• The UOCC reviews the proposal, with the process taking a full term. They may come back to the program for additional information.
• The UOCC approves the program, submits it to the UO Senate for approval. When approved, it moves to the Registrar’s office who makes the update in Banner.
**note: There may be concurrent processes that accompany this list if you need undergraduate council, graduate council, TSPC or HECC approval.