COE curriculum change proposal template form can be found at:

Background and Guidelines

The purpose of the Curriculum Change Proposal form is to guide academic programs through the process of proposing all curricular changes to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
Please visit the to access the College curriculum policy, review procedures, and timelines. The website also provides resources for navigating the UO curricular review process and includes UO Curriculum Committee (UOCC) meeting dates and timelines, tips for writing a proposal for the UOCC, CourseLeaf instructions, and more.

Before starting a Curriculum Change proposal, please consult the UOCC approval timeline in order to create your own internal timeline for suggested changes.  For example, in order for a course change to be approved and take effect by Fall 2019, the change should be submitted to the UOCC by December 2018.  This would mean any changes would need to be presented at the COE curriculum committee meeting in Fall 2018.

Information Needed for all Proposed Changes

Additional Information Needed for Proposed Changes Requiring Full Review